What is cactus leather and are there handbags made of cactus?

What is cactus leather and are there handbags made of cactus?
Leather is not always leather. There are many exciting, vegan alternatives to animal leather. 
Some are better known than others. The first alternative that comes to mind is faux leather. (Plastic or Recycled Plastic.) However, there are other materials that leather can be made from, such as: Pineapple Leather, Apple Skin Leather, Mushroom Leather, Teak Leaf Leather, and Grape Leaf Leather.
However, what they all have in common is that they represent a plant-based alternative and are therefore usually more resource-saving.
A special, new type of leather production is cactus leather. If you want to know more about what cactus leather is and how it is made, read on.
What is cactus leather?
Cactus leather is a natural, plant-based product and a vegan alternative to animal leather. Compared to the well-known artificial leather, cactus leather is a very resistant, breathable and durable material.
This makes it very attractive as a material for making bags and accessories
Cactus leather is made from this cactus
What is special about the cultivation of cactus is that it is a renewable resource, requires practically no water and also contributes to air quality.

Where is cactus leather made?
Nopal cactus leather is grown and manufactured in Mexico on a 14-hectare field by environmentally conscious company Desserto.
Here are some facts about Desserto's production of cactus
• Through production, 8984.7 tons more CO2 is absorbed annually than is produced.
• Desserto consumes 1416.66% less greenhouse gases in production than comparable industries.
• In comparison, 164,500% less water is used for cactus cultivation.
Cactus hardly needs any water in production and therefore a lot of local water is saved and can be used for other purposes.

What are vegan cactus leather handbags?
Vegan handbags are plant-based products for which a lot of innovation, knowledge and time has been invested to create good, sustainable products. Vegan handbags are a perfect alternative and/or addition to existing products. A special category is cactus leather - cactus leather is a 100% plant-based product.
Handbags made from cacti are also extremely stable.
After 100,000 bends, cactus leather has hardly any cracks in the material.
Imagine a handbag that you have used for a long time. You pick up the bag several times a day, pull the handle and put it away again. After a while you notice that cracks have appeared in the handbag. Especially the handle. How ugly.
To find out, I had an in-house, certified test carried out in Zurich/Switzerland with cactus leather. Machines could barely tear cactus leather material after 20,000...50,000...and 100,000 bends. An amazing result Eveline Zoccolillo
The first designer handbags made of cactus leather in Switzerland
Handbags made of cactus leather are still hard to come by and are a rarity. It is a new product worldwide for strong and environmentally conscious women and men.
So that more people can wear sustainable fashion, Eveline decided to develop and produce the first cactus leather designer handbags.
She wants to make sure it's the best product an environmentally conscious man or woman can imagine. Therefore it is still in the production and testing phase.
Here's a teaser of what the Kaktus leather handbag by Zoccolillo will look like.The upcoming handbags from Zoccolillo are made of cactus and are 100% vegan.

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