Vegan bags made from cactus leather: sustainable and animal-friendly


Anyone looking for high-quality leather alternatives will often be bitterly disappointed. A plastic bag protects the animal world but is by no means environmentally friendly - on the contrary. That's why it's very important to me to produce first-class vegan bags from environmentally friendly cactus leather. Read here why vegan bags are the future and how great cactus is for this...

The pros and cons of classic leather bags

Animal leather products are unrivaled in their durability and can be worn for many generations. This makes them very sustainable. Leather is based on a 7000-year-old history and can usually be easily repaired. It's also a great recycling option and a great use of leftovers. Because contrary to some opinions, no animals are bred for this purpose. Still, there are a few downsides that you need to be aware of.

Most leather bags cannot do without the toxic chemicals used in the tanning process. There is also "vegetable tanning", which are colours obtained from nature - from fruits, vegetables, or roots - that are used for this. As well as chrome-free tanning that is non-toxic. However, this in turn has an impact on the colour intensity and longevity.

If the chemicals were left out of the classic leather bags, the animal skins would decompose. Therefore, this is necessary. Of course, these chemicals are also harmful to the environment. To do this, animals need vast amounts of water and food. And the less meat is eaten, the fewer animal remains that can be used for leather bags or shoes. These are some of the reasons against leather. I would now like to invite you to take a closer look at vegan bags in the following section.

What makes a vegan cactus leather bag so special

Vegan cactus leather bags are a wonderful leather alternative as cactus leather not only looks similar but also behaves like it. The material is very robust, soft and yet tear-resistant. So, tear-resistant that you could carry a baby elephant in your pocket if you had room and it wouldn't tear. Hard to believe? Here are the Testex Zurich test results. It is very important to me to put our vegan bags through their paces in particular. So that I can offer you the best products and you can enjoy your bag for many years.

Cacti are also very resource-friendly because they hardly need any water. They draw moisture from the atmosphere and contribute to healthy air quality. Since they are a plant product, they are completely free of toxic chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides, phosphates, etc. They are Toxfree because pure water is used in processing and washing. They are also 95% biodegradable. As you can see, a vegan cactus leather bag has a few plus points.

But what about the rest of the plant? Is this just thrown away? no case. In my opinion, that would be anything but resource friendly. And I value that very much. The parts of the plant that are not used to make vegan bags are used to make creams. Or are eaten as a vegetable, as in Mexico – the home of the prickly pear cactus.

There are quite a few vegan bags – why Zoccolillo?

Our vegan cactus leather bags are made with great attention to detail. We attach great importance to high-quality processing in Swiss quality. You don't just look at the bags, you feel it too. The vegan leather feels particularly soft and comfortable. It was important to me that the design was classic, elegant, and timeless. It should be a vegan bag that you will wear with pride for many years and that can be wonderfully combined with both sporty and elegant styles.

However, at Zoccolillo we not only value an elegant design, but also first-class workmanship. That is why our bags are made by hand. And not from a large corporation, but from great family businesses in Europe.

Working with family businesses means:

  • To get by without big words and to understand each other straight away
  • Mutual support, understanding and cohesion
  • Proudly developing a product together as a team that enables everyone to live a good life

All of this and so much more makes family businesses the only choice for me. I have visited all of them and pay a lot of attention to fair wages and a pleasant working atmosphere. Behind every vegan bag that we produce are a wide variety of people with their very own stories and life plans. The passion for exquisite products unites them and makes the end product what it is.

Eveline Zoccolillo carries a vegan bag made of cactus leather

The future is in our hands

I would also like to start a call here. Every company and every person should think about more sustainability today - in the manufacture and consumption of products and services. There is always and everywhere room for improvement. Only in this way will the world become a greener and better place where future generations will still live with joy.

We all have a responsibility, and we must finally accept it. So that change becomes possible. And this personal responsibility starts small. Everyone can contribute. For example, by using less or no plastic and not buying imitation leather bags but relying on higher-quality leather alternatives. Now is the right time for a change. And if everyone pays just a little more attention to it, this and future generations will still be able to enjoy our wonderful planet.

Of course, we want to set a good example at Zoccolillo. That's why we use as little plastic and plastic as possible. We use recycled paper to stuff the pockets. Even if this causes slightly higher transport costs, we are very happy to do it for the sake of the environment. In addition, the bags that we sell our handbags with are made of cotton.

There is so much we can all do if we take responsibility. As so often, it's the little things that make the difference.

With the purchase of a vegan cactus leather bag, you are doing your bit for the environment

 Cactus leather has unique properties that make it 100%:

  • Purely plant-based raw materials and 100% vegan processing – good for the environment and animals
  • Tough and wonderfully flexible, vegan cactus leather bags can withstand almost anything
  • Water-repellent - even in a sudden rain shower, your bag stays in perfect condition
  • Free from toxic chemicals and biodegradable – that's compatible with a clear conscience
  • Absolutely soft and huggable - a vegan bag that feels good in your hands

Just right for you?

Then look at our Zoccolillo online shop and let yourself be inspired by the softness, durability and stylish design of our vegan cactus leather bags

If you have any comments or questions, please send us a message through our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.