Our products stand for the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Deviations in color and texture are special features of beautiful tanned leather. Over time, patina develops on the leather. The leather may darken or lighten due to the oils that are released from the skin and direct sunlight, which enhances the natural look of your handbag or small leather goods.

If your product gets wet, dry it with a soft cotton cloth and let it dry in room temperature without any additional heat exposure. Never use acetone, alcohol or similar corrosives, abrasive substances, rags to clean your bag. If you do not want to use the bag for a long time, fill it with tissue paper. This helps your product to stay in shape.

Avoid using plastic bags or similar materials to store your bag. This could damage your leather product and cause it to dry out. In order to counteract deformations do not overload your bag or wallet. Please keep your proof of purchase.