Leather bags are always fashionable

There are things that you think have always been around. Sometimes this assumption is correct, such as with leather handbags.

Surely the Neanderthals already had some kind of leather container in which they packed their most essential things when they were out and about. Even later there were always pouches and bags, but mostly pouches, as these did not need a metal fastener and could be tied with a cord, which, thanks to its length, could also be thrown over the shoulder.


In the past, bags were mostly everyday items that you couldn't do without. If they were made of good material, such as leather, then of course the owner was probably as proud of the beautiful piece as he is today.

In any case, I can very well remember that my great-grandmother only had two handbags: a black and a brown handbag. These bags were used as summer and winter bags and served on Sundays as a container for the prayer book, the beautiful white cloth handkerchief with initials, a wallet with the necessary change, a bunch of keys and refreshing eau de toilette in a blue and gold labeled glass bottle. Sometimes it was also necessary to stow documents or similar things for a visit to the authorities. Of course, these two bags were well cared for and showed hardly any signs of use. The rest of the bags in the house were fabric shopping bags or shopping baskets made of wicker or some other flexible material. It was a bit more luxurious for my mother, after all, she still had a white leather bag for midsummer in addition to the light, airy clothes. I can imagine that design played a minor role back then, the material, color and interior of the leather bag were important. Women have always loved it when the inside of the bags was divided into practical compartments and kept things tidy.


I really enjoy seeing how much this has changed in the meantime. Now you can see bags in the shop windows of department stores, boutiques, shoe stores, perfumeries and even at discount stores. Wherever the eye looks, wherever there is even the smallest space, a bag is placed. I am amazed that I have not yet seen any at the butchers.


You will find bags made of fine leather, plastic, a mixture of these two materials and even today there are coarse linen or raffia as a summer companion. However, a leather bag is the ultimate when it comes to the most important companion for men and women. The colors have become very important in the meantime, there are no limits in the imagination of the manufacturer and the customer. When it comes to the material, it depends on the function that the leather bag should have. If you need it primarily to hold the often-abundant odds and ends that you take with you to work as a working woman, then a leather bag made of sturdy, often grained leather is just right and can withstand a bit. But if the bag is primarily to be an "eye-catcher" that captivates with the delicacy of the material, the design or the color, then you are spoiled for choice from the finest goatskin to coarse cowhide or pigskin. In the past, women also carelessly carried crocodile or snake leather bags. Do you still know that from your mother? How happy were the owners of such unusual, exotic-looking bags. This is frowned upon today, as we have all recognized that it is necessary to do without such types of leather to preserve the diversity of species in the animal kingdom.


The accessories for the handbags are also very different in terms of quality, pattern, and color. A matching blue leather wallet in the blue leather bag is always beautiful and right. But if you have chosen the wallet made of a contrasting material or in a striking signal color, then it is particularly stylish and, above all, practical, because you can find such a leather accessory much easier in the often-dark inner workings of a handbag. A utensil of the same color is easily overlooked and the rummaging ritual that we all know begins. This also applies to key rings made of braided leather. They can also be selected in the same color real leather as the bag but are more noticeable in contrasting colors and are easier to discover. But maybe you have a snap hook on your handbag or even two? One for the bunch of keys, one for the wallet? Then you are ready for the city tour or the trip. Even thieves don't stand a chance.


There are many accessories, especially for travel bags, that make it easier for you to find the many things. Small bags made of leather or plastic for shoes, for cosmetics, for mixed items. Here, too, the selection is now very large. Of course, all these things are also available in other materials, which are sometimes cheaper or lighter in weight. But there is nothing like the constant companion made of real leather. They are beautiful, valuable, feel good, show taste and are hard-wearing. They are just more fun. And they should make us happy, these useful and fashionable companions.


Bags in a beautiful design and material are now a must not only for women. Since there were laptops and other electronic devices that must be transported, men can no longer avoid carrying bags. A bag or perhaps a backpack made of real leather is always the right accessory for a good suit. And it's becoming increasingly common to see small leather handbags attached to a short strap around a man's wrist. Nowadays, it does not occur to anyone to smile at these bag carriers, because you and I and everyone have long since discovered the practical and decorative sides of this leather accessory.


It is also a pleasure to wear the leather belt to go with the elegant-looking leather bags with a dress or jeans. The choice here is very large in terms of the material, the embossing of the leather, the color, the length, the width and, above all, the belt buckle. You are sure to find the right thing when you go on your next stroll through town. The leather bags, the leather accessories and many other things made of real leather will catch your eye and you will be tempted again. But that's what these beautiful, imaginatively designed companions for fashion-conscious and quality-conscious people are for after all. They delight the eye with the variety of their shapes, which are made to suit all occasions. A shiny clutch made of silk, pearl embroidery or patent leather goes best with an evening dress, but young people occasionally combine it with jeans. How nice that what you like is now allowed in fashion.